The last year or so I’ve been discovering new things about myself and going through a really positive transition. I wanted to take this opportunity to capture what I hope will be beautiful, revealing photos of myself that I can cherish forever. And by revealing, I mean photography that reveals a light inside myself that was dim for a very long time. Let there be light!! –  J.D. Palm Desert, CA

After having a baby, my photography session made me feel sexy. I took these photos to show my husband and to feel great…to add something new and sexy to the marriage. Keep it fresh. It was nice to feel sexy, because I have 3 kids and I am always with them. I had a baby a month ago, and it was my day for me to do this. – P.E. La Quinta, CA

The photography session made me feel like Cinderella; like a movie star in a short time. I did not think I could be that beautiful woman and after my boudoir photography session, now I KNOW that I can be that beautiful woman. Now I know that I can be very beautiful. I am SO glad I did it. What else can you ask for? It is a priceless experience, and I will do it again.  Now that I did it for the first time, I look forward to my next session. – F.M. Rancho Mirage, CA

Having the photos taken is a gift to yourself.  As you go through life and you age, you get involved in different things, your look evolves too, and it is nice to have that documented with photography.  It captures a time and place in your life, and how you felt back in that time in your life. I also think it is artistic and a beautiful expression of oneself. – K.R. Palm Desert, CA

It felt great!  I had this red light on me and it was kind of dark and it was totally cool. Actually it felt like I was someone else. In my head I am going…you don’t do this…and yet I was doing it.  It was just a great experience! I saw the pictures and I thought…that has to be someone else! It surprised me…I thought Wow! It is a part of myself that I am exploring and I feel sexy. – T.C. Palm Springs, CA

Everyone always tells me,”Oh you are so tall, go be a model.” I don’t see myself that way. I am just a Mom and go to work and do my thing. I want to see what other people see.  That is why I wanted to do a photography session. I feel free…a little bit stronger…I bit the bullet and I did it. I saw some of pictures during the session and I thought “God, I do look good! – M.M Palm Desert, CA

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful photography session I had with you today.  You made me feel so comfortable by taking the time to show me how you wanted me to pose, allowing me time to relax so my nervousness could fade away while we worked in concert together to bring the sensual side of me out in a safe environment.  I know you caught my sensuous essence completely in a click of your camera.  For me, this is a dream come true – having the beauty of who I am inside be shown outside forever.  With your caring thoughtfulness and professionalism my beauty is fade resistant. Thank you for making my wish come true. – W.T. Palm Springs, CA

My Boudoir session was beyond what I ever thought and I was beyond what I thought.  I was very comfortable; it was not creepy which is important. I don’t think I would have come out if I did not feel so comfortable. I felt comfortable to be me and it did not feel awkward or sleazy or any way that made me nervous or reluctant to do this to begin with. It was so comfortable that I was able to bring myself forward and I came more out of my shell than I intended. I felt sexy, beautiful, feminine, empowered and proud. Proud that I was doing a photo session. – B.B. Indian Wells, CA

When I went to the website I saw some normal looking women. I thought I was going to see only women that were a size 2 or 0 and to see women that were normal and the same size that I am and yet drop dead gorgeous and beautiful and still sexy was wonderful; and to see that you can be beautiful and sexy and not be a size 2 or 0 was very nice.  I felt extremely comfortable.  Michael is extremely professional, and knows what he is doing. I can tell that he knows what he is doing by helping me with my outfit, the lighting, color of my dress, the makeup.  He is trying to make my photography session special for me.  – R.C. Palm Desert, CA

I wanted to have these pictures taken so that other women would know that I am just like any other mom.  Yet, we tend to be “MOM” and forget how we got to be a “MOM”.  We are sensuous creatures and thru the art of photography, the essence of our beauty is captured. – G.D. Rancho Mirage, CA

 I firmly believe that a boudoir photography session is a gift to yourself. On the surface it appears that the photos are about looking and feeling sexy (which they most certainly are!), however, the photo sessions offer a deeper connection to yourself. It is a rare opportunity for a woman to explore these parts of herself with a talented photographer who can show her how others see her. –  J.T. Palm Desert, CA