What does “Boudoir” mean?

Boudoir is a French term for bedroom. Boudoir photos are sensual or sexually suggestive images with the model usually nude, semi-nude, or wearing lingerie. They are intended to be very romantic and intimate, and are commonly given to a lover, fiance, or partner as a sensual, playful, and sexy gift.  More often than not though, they become a gift to yourself.  A chance to take some time out to feel confident, strong, and sensual.  Make a record of it.  You’ll never be at this point in your life again.

Do I have to be nude?

No, you don’t need to be nude or topless if you don’t want to be. We will photograph you in any way that you desire. You determine the limits of a session. So if you want to pose nude, semi-nude, or fully clothed for your photographs, it’s your decision. There may be limitations placed on us (for example, if we’re in a public location), but other than that, we’re here to help you capture your fantasy.

Are there any age restrictions?

With the sensitive nature of boudoir photography, we limit these services to people who are at least 18 years old. If there is any question, we will request that you provide proof of age for our records.

I don’t know how to position or pose?

Most people are not models, but that does not mean sexy photos should be unavailable to them. Start looking at magazines or photos of poses you would like, and practice in front of a mirror before your shoot. See what poses work for you, and what positions you would prefer to stay away from. During your session, what matters most is that you are comfortable. We will guide you through positions that will help flatter you, and show off your best features. Once you relax, your sexiness will shine all on its own.

Can I bring someone with me to my shoot?

Yes. Feel free to bring your partner or a friend or close family member with you to the shoot. If having someone there helps you to feel relaxed and stay focused, it will benefit your photos. Understand, however, that while your shoot is in progress, it will be less distracting if they wait in another room, area, lobby, etc, so that your complete attention will be on the camera, and not shifted from person to person.

What if my body isn’t exactly were I want it to be for photos?

While shooting, we make it a point to emphasize the positives and minimize any areas that you are self-conscious about. We are all about making you feel good, so if you would like to make adjustments to your photos, we can do it with positioning and lighting, or during editing. “But I need to loose a few pounds first.” You do not! Remember, your significant other loves you just the way you are. Make an appointment for a later date if you have to, but take the step! We can make the magic happen.

How secure are my pictures? Who will see my pictures? Will they be on the web site?

We take image security very seriously. All aspects of our business are handled in house, from taking your images, through post editing, to secure storage and password protected online client areas. We use one of the finest professional photographic labs in the country that prides itself on security and discretion, and we have our prints shipped certified mail to save from the chance of being recognized by the local lab staff. All of our gallery images are models or clients who have kindly agreed to have their images on display. We don’t use any images without the client’s written consent.

How long will it take to get my photos back?

Allow up to 3 weeks if printing is required. About a week is common without prints. We do our best to get them to you sooner, but we would rather err on the side of caution to give you plenty of time before your special event. Rush service is available for an additional charge.

Why do I need to make a deposit before my shoot?

The payment holds your time slot, and pays for set up time, and booking fees. A non refundable deposit is taken to insure that each client attends. This deposit is put towards your final purchase

What if I pay for a package shoot with 3 images then want 6 when I see the pictures?

This is not a problem; in fact it is quite common. You can order additional prints, disks, or edits at anytime. We’ll send you a price link, and you can decide what extras you would like. There are also optional purchases such as framed prints, books, canvases etc.

How do I prepare for my shoot?

Practice some of your favorite poses in front of a mirror. Be prepared with some idea of what kind of look you want to achieve. Get a good nights rest the night before. Make sure outfits are clean, pressed and lint free. Bring them in on hangers so as not to wrinkle. Wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments when you arrive to avoid red marks on your skin. Bring outfits that you like and make you feel good. Bring more than you think you need, you never know what you might decide to wear last minute.